Perfect Operating Manuals

Technical writing, graphic design, printing - all from a single source

Are you fed up of dealing with your operating manuals and other publications, of worrying about the layout, the translation, the printing, etc.?

The answer is simple: delegation. Send us a product sample, and we will produce an operating manual in line with your CI. Our expert team of technical writers and experienced DTP specialist guarantee complete, comprehensible and aesthetically pleasing products in every language.
Of course, the manuals comply with EN 62079.

EU directive EN 62079 sets out exactly how an operating manual should be structured, what it should contain and how it should be designed.
Extensive experience with leading testing laboratories guarantee that our instructions can withstand any scrutiny. This saves you the hassle of endless correction cycles.
Operating manuals are an important element of any marketing strategy. Well structured manuals which explain all the functions clearly and are perfectly translated are evidence of the quality of your products and the seriousness of your company. They create a feeling of trust and turns your customers into regulars.
Of course, we can also handle white papers, success stories and all sorts of other document types.

We can provide texts in any formats you need:
  • PDF
  • Printed copy
  • Film
  • CD-ROM
  • etc.

Did you know... ?

If you supply your product without a suitable EN 62079-compliant operating manual,
  • you risk being made liable for any damage caused as a result (up to a level of 80 million EUR)
  • you contravene EU regulations and are not eligible for CE certification
  • you are providing an incomplete product and your customers can demand a partial reimbursement of the purchase price

The benefits for you:
  • Improved operating manuals mean reduced support costs
  • We can provide everything from a single source, from the first draft to the finished operating manual.
  • Technically perfect with flawless language and on the safe side in terms of the law
  • Whether it's a little brochure or a thick manual, whether you want simple or glossy, digital or printed, we can find the perfect solution to suit your budget.

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