Website localisation

Global presence, personal approach

If you want to conquer international markets, you need a multilingual website. Virtually all people are more comfortable in their native language and prefer websites in their own language, even when they do speak other languages. There are nationalities which actually take offence if you do not address them in their language.

This is particularly true when it comes to e-Commerce, where the integrity of the online transaction processes must be clearly understood by the customer.

You need your ideas, texts and designs to be skilfully translated and culturally adapted for your potential clients. For instance, order and booking forms must be localised to suit the target market group: It is easy to spot when a form has simply been translated from English: the postcode comes after the town, and in dates, the month comes before the date, a lot of which does not work in many languages.

For these reasons you should ensure that you make a relevant and effective multilingual adaptation of your website. Think'Z International Europe can help you.

And as we work directly in the source code or the CMS databases, there is none of the hassle involved with copying and pasting texts: the original format and layout is faithfully maintained after translation, saving you time and money.

Do not let the opportunity of foreign markets pass you by!

The benefits for you:

  • Your websites are professional and impressive in any language
  • We are a one-stop shop for translation and localisation
  • You can expand into new markets and create an impression of trust-worthiness and professionalism from the outset



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