Software localisation

Many programmers do not understand that texts can vary enormously in length between different languages. A text field which is sufficient for English texts will not be long enough for German or French. This results in truncated text strings.

This cannot happen with us, as we are a one-stop shop for all your needs:
translation of resource files in formats such as C++, Delphi, JavaScript, Flash, etc.
localisation of helpfiles in all formats (e.g. RTF, XML, HTML) or compilation of entire help systems using tools such as Robohelp.

We can translate your string tables in formats including xls, CSV, etc.

We adapt all the user interfaces - including menu bars, buttons, status displays and error messages - so that everything fits, guaranteed!

Handling source code editors, resource and graphics files and software compilers in all sorts of different programming languages is part of our everyday routine.

Our beta testing department also carries out stringent quality control tests to make sure everything works perfectly. Your software is extensively tested on all native Windows platforms for truncated texts and all functions, commands and links are checked. We can also carry out more extensive testing (see Beta Testing).

The benefits for you:

  • consistent software
  • optimum quality control on native Windows platforms
  • user-friendly interfaces in every language
  • translation and regional adaptation from a single source - it doesn't get any easier

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